About the event


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Where to invest savings? This is the most common question that Poles are asking themselves. For many years, real estate has been at the top of the answers to this question. In the current market situation, it makes sense to look for alternatives to an ordinary flat on the primary market. Poles are keenly interested in the market for holiday properties and the so-called second homes, which has been stabilised in recent years and explored by both investors and operators, as it entices with new investments in both Poland and abroad.

Seeing the continuing trend of investing financial surpluses in various types of real estate and responding to investor demand, we have created an event to showcase the full range of investment properties. It is an event for all those who have spare free financial resources and wish to invest them safely in exclusive properties in Poland and around the world.

The fair will be dedicated to the broad presentation of all types of investment properties: condo hotels, apart hotels, year-round cottages, micro-apartments, land, etc.

Two editions of the event have been successfully delivered to date, bringing together nearly 60 exhibitors and thousands of visitors – people looking for investment properties.

The INRE fair is connected with our classic flats fair, but the investment part is a separate zone where people looking for a property for themselves or for rent will be able to literally take a trip around the world. The investment section prominently features destinations that are already popular among Polish people: Spain or Cyprus. However, there are also exotic destinations such as real estate from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Zanzibar, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey.

There will also be plenty of offers from Poland.