Why is it worth it?


Why should you be an exhibitor at INRE?

  • new audience
  • building brand awareness in a new market
  • learning about the specifics and expectations of new recipients of products and services
  • new business connections
  • increasing the prestige of the brand (product) and ensuring its greater recognition
  • analysis of the competitors' activities
  • quick and effective exchange of experience
  • mutual inspiration


EXHIBITORS: More than 50 exhibitors are expected: developers, brokers and agents who offer domestic and foreign investments. The exhibitors' stands will showcase the full range of investment properties, provide estimates of the profitability of investments, draw up preliminary investment plans and establish cooperation.

VISITORS: Visitors to INRE will include people aged 35-55 who are looking to buy properties for investment. These are people with deep pockets and spare cash or credit. The profile of the visitors is very broad: wealthy singles, couples without children, young married couples, families with many children, wealthy retirees, people with a stable financial and social position. These people are economically active, hold senior positions, often work in office hubs or in the liberal professions, run their own companies or businesses. They are looking for unique knowledge, valuable connections as well as the latest information on the real estate market and a safe investment for their financial surpluses.