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Heritage Island Estates is a thriving leader in the real estate market with vast background. Our company offers real estate in Mauritius, Cyprus, Ibiza and other mind-boggling islands.

We offer reliable construction companies, as well as legal support from the Ulyanov Business Lawyers law firm.
We provide full support upon obtaining a residence permit and also keep in touch with our clients after the sale as we do appreciate each of them. For us, each client is unique, so we first of all strive to understand and
even anticipate their individual needs. People who contact us for help and a piece of advice can be sure that we respect their time too much as it is a crucial aspect for us.

All important and serious challenges, such as the choice of an elite apartment or house, or the selection of a villa by the sea, are solved professionally, intelligently and reasonably!

We do not sell real estate - we sell lifestyle and new opportunities!

We will sincerely be glad to be useful and helpful for you on the way to your cherished dream of your best apartment or favorite house in the world!


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